Donald "Sno0py" Watts II

Donald "Sno0py" Watts II

Donald "Sno0py" Watts II, son of Tonsela and Donald Watts Sr. I am currently a 2nd semester freshman attending Bethune-Cookman University; located in Daytona Beach, Fl. As a child I have always had the dream of becoming a professional musician, I began playing the drums at the age of 3 years old at a church called "The Church of the living God the Pillar and Ground of the truth" in Riviera Beach, Fl; where my grandfather Luke Lewis served as pastor during those times. Yet and still I made sure to always put forth my best efforts, honor, and acknowledge God for giving me the gift of music. As time went on at the age of 16 I was blessed with my first endorsement with Soultone cymbals, this opportunity led me to believe that anything is achievable but you must work hard in order to earn it. After each gig, there was always that one person that would encourage me to continue on with my gift, I would always listen and take a piece

of what was said in order to build myself into the man that I am today. This led to the creation of my first piece of work entitled "The Resurrection Project" by Sno0py, found on This project led to my second endorsement deal with Silverfox drumsticks. I have also began to work on my very own online web-show through YouTube called Sno0py TV, which is a documentary that allows the world to get to know me as a person, also . In this phase of my career I have developed respect through my craft with the goal of encouraging those that may be insecure about themselves that with God and hard work, all things are possibl

My Soultone Set: 

21" Ride "Extreme"
18" Crash "Gospel"
15" Crash "Extreme"
17" FX "FXO 6B3"
12" FX "FXO 6"
7" Splash "Extreme"
13" Hi Hats "Extreme"

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Donald”Sno0py”Watts II is the son of Tonsela and Donald Watts Sr. Sno0py started playing the drums at an early age,... Read More