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Demetrice Everett

Demetrice Everett

Demetrice Everett is mostly known by the nickname “Meat” and the slogan "MeatDaDrummer". Demetrice is a very versatile drummer. Demetrice has the ability to play several styles of music. He is a multi-talented individual who is now ready for his drumming career to take off.

Demetrice influences are great and dynamic drummers such as Jae Sinnet, Buddy Rich, Denise Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, JoJo Mayer, Aaron Spears, Tony Roster Jr., Spanky, Dave Weckl, Marvin McQuitty, Jermy Hanes, Calvin Rodgers, Teddy Campbell, Calvin “Coon” Napper, Kentric Morris and several others.

Demetrice began playing the drums at the age of 4. Demetrice became very good and learn how to play the drums so fast that he beat his father out of a job at his church. Demetrice, at the age of 7 took over his father position playing the drums at his church, Greater Harvest Fellowship C.O.G.I.C; pastor Bishop Leroy J. Woolard. By the age 13, he was well known around the eastern part of North Carolina as a well gifted and talented young drummer. By the age, 15, Demetrice was greatly aware of his talent and ability to create on the drum set while performing. By this time, Demetrice was playing in concerts, performing in talent shows and several church services all over the eastern part of North Carolina.

Demetrice has performed in front of hundreds and thousands of people. He has played on recordings and has played with a great gospel recording artists by the names of Marcus Cole, Norman Hutchins, Lee Williams, Deitrick Haddon, Lashaun Pace, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Bevely Crawford, Shirley Caesar, Timonty Wright, Noreen Vail, etc….. He has shared the stage with Tye Tribbett, Ziel as well as other artists and musicians. Demetrice has played with jazz pianoist Marcus Johnson, saxophonist Marcus Anderson and Bernard Johnson. Demetrice has played for several other recording artists as well.

Demetrice “Meat” Everett is the drummer for Jazz/Funk/Neo-Soul band "Above Waters". Demetrice is a major studio drummer for 3R1 Recording in Greenville, NC. He is doing live studio sessions, playing for several artists and playing the drums on different projects in Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Gospel Music. Demetrice is the studio drummer for K&V Productions in Greenville, NC. He plays a variety of music in the studio such as funk/neo-soul, jazz, gospel, etc………. He is also the studio drummer for several other studios in the surrounding areas in the eastern part of North Carolina. As an independent artist, Demetrice is also currently working on his own solo audio and DVD projects. Demetrice has the ability to play any style of music, and he’s now ready to become one of the greatest drummers out of the eastern part of North Carolina.