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David Osbourn

David Osbourn

Thee Final Chaptre, Driven Below, When Angels Die

My journey began in St. Petersburg, FL. I was born into a Christian home. Both of my parents
were musicians so music has been a big part of my life from the very beginning. At an early age,
I was given an opportunity to join the band at school as a percussionist. It was the fifth grade
and I was ten years old. Thus began my journey as a drummer. I had a beginner's practice pad
and that's all I needed.! !
Two years later (my parents could tell I was in it for life by this point) I received my first drum kit.
My parents tried to get me some drum lessons, but the instructor just would not teach me
enough stuff quickly enough so we quickly abandoned that idea and I ended up teaching myself
how to play. I remember everyday after school going into my room, putting on the headphones,
turning the volume all the way up, and doing my best to play what I was listening to. I played an
average of 2 hours everyday. It was awesome.! !
My early influences include legendary drummers such as Neil Peart (Rush), Alex Van Halen
(Van Halen), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and, believe it or not, the late great Buddy Rich (jazz
drumming legend).! !
At the age of 14, I was hired to perform my first paid, professional gig. I was the percussionist
for a presentation of the South Pacific musical play. At the time, I had no idea what that gig
would mean to my playing career. Friends of mine began spreading the word and soon after, I
was asked to join my first rock cover band and I began receiving exposure for being a rock
drummer. So, at 14 years of age, I was being exposed to a world I had only dreamed about
before.! !
At the age of 20 an audition came up for a band in New Orleans, LA by the name of Thee Final
Chaptre. I reached out and was allowed to audition for the spot, which soon became mine. The
band was signed to WEI Records which was an indie label and we recorded an ep and toured
on and off for the next two years. Eventually, it felt to me as if the band had run it's course and it
was time for a change so I decided to move to Dallas, TX which ended up being the best
decision I could have made.! !
Over the past 20 years, my drumming style has developed into a much heavier style thanks to
influences such as Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy), Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)
and Gene Hoglan (Testament, Strapping Young Lad).! !
Ever since moving to Dallas, I have lived, worked, played, recorded, produced, and toured with
some of the most popular rock and metal bands in the Dallas, TX music scene. Some of my
current and past projects include: Thee Final Chaptre (Divebomb
Records), Low Gear (Padded Records), When Angels Die (Padded
Records), Driven Below (Padded Records), Nocturne (Triple X Records), Flush (Midwest Records), and several other unsigned bands and projects. I am both honored and humbled to
have been a part of all of these groups at one time or another and I consider myself truly
blessed to be able to share my passion for music and drumming with anyone who will listen.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
16" Extreme Crash
17" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
19" Extreme Crash
20" Extreme Crash
22" Extreme Ride
7" Bronze Bell
10" Extreme Splash
11" Extreme Splash
18" Extreme China
20" Extreme China