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Daniele Sulis

Daniele Sulis

Begins his career in music in 1992 with the band of the ‘Academy of Livorno”. His trail began in earnest with Master Salvatore Corazza (Rai-Mediaset Orchestra, Andrea Bocelli) from whom she learned the correct approach to the instrument, the theory, the basic principles on the drum, and most important styles, including jazz / Latin / Rock.Study for several years with Master Cosimo Lampis (D.Bowie-Emil Richards), director of the P.A.C in Basel, percussionist of considerable international experience, with which deepened his studies of the Afro Cuban world, taking part in several events designed by the same, based on a combination of French and figures cubane.Continue studies with Master Giampaolo Conchedda (P. Fresu / G. Morandi) from whom he learned the perfect balance between classic and modern drums.

He studied and attended masterclasses with the Master Dom Famularo one of the most respected drum teachers in the world, teaching in many drumschool including the "Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT) in Hollywood.

He attended classes for a period of the “Academy of Modern Music” in Milan with Master Luca Turolla.

Join Master Class with renowned teachers such as: Gavin Harrison, Jo Jo Mayer, Gregg Bissonette, Dave Weckl, Mike Quinn, Ellade Bandini, Agostino Marangolo, Max Furian, Christian Mayer, Mike Quinn,Chris Coleman,Marco Minnemann,Chris Coleman..and other

Deals with years of teaching is so often collaborating with some private music schools, students with excellent results talent.Uses the most modern and innovative teaching methods without neglecting the classic look of the instrument. His musical influences swept Rock, Pop, Afro-Cuban, Drum n Bass&Jungle, Dance, Jazz.

Daniel is a teacher of the most important Italian Drum Academy-SCUDERIE CAPITANI.
Collaborated on the book written by Luca Capitani "Dal Tamburo secondo Luca" output in 2014.

He collaborates with the national magazine drum with whom he has written an article teaching in 2013.

During his career, numerous collaborations with various musical projects, including Dorian Gray, the first Italian rock band to have played in China Popular.

Daniel is a founding member and drummer Italian SIKITIKIS his main project, (winner of the 2005 award for “best debut album Italian”) with whom he recorded three albums + a Collection and EP. In 2010 the band joined the label SugarMusic directed by Caterina Caselli.

He took part for years in the national tour that brought him to play more than 450 concerts in Italy live in the most important national clubs and international festivals(Trafficfestival-ItaliaWave-Indipendentdays-Miamifestival-Goa Boa-Tora Tora and other..)

and playing on the same stage, QUENN OF THE STONE AGE-BAD RELIGION-SKIN-EDITORS-SOCIAL DISTORTION,and many other bands..

Guest Sikitikis in 2005 with the “Terrestre Tour” SUBSONICA, indoor stadium in Parma,Firenze, Genova, Milano, Torino,Bologna ecc. and at the Tennis Stadium in Roma..it has collected an average of 15,000 people to concert.

In 2010 whith SIKITIKIS opened the concert of Italian star LUCIANO LIGABUE in front of neararly 40.000 people.

He shot 9 music videos with some of the most talented Italian directors including Lorenzo Vignolo, Luca Pastore, Marco Molinelli .. Video broadcast in rotation on national TV: MTV Music-All Music-Match Music-Rai Sat-Flux-Rock Tv.

In the video “Piove Deserto” boasts the collaboration of Brian Wade (Terminator, Star Trek), a leading special effects and makeup in the world.

Several national television interviews on TV (MTV-All Music-RaiSat Rock tv- and other) And passages and interviews on radio networks (Radio105,Radio RAI,Radio Flash,Radio Popolare).. Interviews on the regional press (UnioneSarda-Giornale di Sardegna - Sonos & Contos) and on the national music magazines such as: Glamour,Mucchio, Rumore, XL, Rolling Stones, Rockerilla, Rock Star,Drumsetmag..

Involved musical BRAIN BEPT laboratory testing and production of music and sound for film, literature and teather.The project has specialized in reworking music for film, sound film of images from ‘age (60‘ and 70’), in the creation of soundtracks for films, literary readings, theatrical piece. Some of the live productions were performed in contexts such as the prestigious Umbria Film Festival, Theater Ambra Jovinelli (show presented by national television presenter and journalist Michele Santoro)-Venice 2009 Film Festival.

BRAIN DEPT recorded the original soundtrack of the movie “Jimmy della Collina” by director Enrico Pau. He works for the soundtrack of the film "Cosmonauta" (winner of a prize at the Venice Film Festival,with the actors Sergio Rubini and Claudia Pandolfi) on behalf of the film production FANDANGO ..Short "Le Rivoluzionarie".Produces music for several short films and documentaries.

He has collaborated and played a series of shows with the theater company "Lucido Sottile"
Produces and plays in reading with writers; Michela Murgia,Marcello Fois,Francesco Abate..

• SIKITIKIS ”Fuga dal Deserto..”(2005 EMI)
• SIKITIKIS “B” (2008 Casasonica records)
• SIKITIKIS “Dischi fuori Moda” (2010 VENUS/SUGARmusic)
• SIKITIKIS The Collection “Il Bello deve ancora Venire” (2011 Unione sarda)
• DORIAN GRAY “Tempi Supplementari” (1997/2005 Audioglobe)
• SOUNDTRACK Film “Jimi della Collina” Director's Enrico Pau
• SOUNDTRACK Film “Cosmonauta Director`s of Susanna
Nichiarelli (FANDANGO Film)
• SOUNDTRACK “Manituana”collective of writers WU MING
• EP Four Tones (K-Factor 2002)
• SOUNDTRACK Film “Le rivoluzionarie” of Pier Paolo De Sanctis
• DVD/CD -4 soundtracks from film Elio Petri (2005)

Daniele Sulis is proud to be able to use the concerts and studio recording the wonderful cymbals Soultone.