Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez


I fell in love with music at about age 5.. From dancing and singing around the house. To drumming with bottle bottles while listening to jams on the radio when riding with my mother. At age 10 I discovered my passion for drums. My grandfather and my mother decided to buy me a drum set for my birthday.

I stared taking lessons with a Dominican guy just outside of D.C. He was a great teacher. Highly skilled. One of the best that I have seen till this day. Mastered most genres of music. He challenged me to get familiar with different all genres of music.

I started drumming in the church. It impacted my life in a positive way. I learned the importance of life through a Godly perspective. That God was love. That Jesus Christ was my lord and savior. Music was my safe place. It kept me out of trouble in my youth. By the age 16, found myself traveling and playing gigs up and down the east coast and eventually into the Midwest. Within 4 years of steady playing. I had played 250 events.

I fell in love with it. Since then I never looked back. I have only hoped to be only be a positive influence through my music. Spreading love and peace. Music is a bridge and can connect us to many. People from all different places and backgrounds.

I teach, play gigs and hope to one day open my own music studio. I love my band mates with Brother M. An indie rock music project I joined 2 years ago.

My favorites as of now (it changes alot!). Latin Jazz, Alternative rock (indie rock, metal), Funk, Hip Hop. Some of my favorite drummers Aaron Spears, Dave Weckl, Tony Royster Jr, David Lucky, Vinnie Coliauta, Alex Gonzalez and Rolf Wam Fjell

My Soultone Set: 

19" Noa Ride
16" Noa Crash
13" Noa Hi Hats