Cristiano Novelli

Cristiano Novelli

Drummer/Percussionist Cristiano Novelli was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has studied at Villa-Lobos School of Music, University of Rio de Janeiro, San Diego Mesa College, and privately with Robertinho Silva, Elcio Caffaro, Guilherme Gonçalves, and Nick Karvon. He has been playing professionally for over 14 years. He has toured throughout Europe, Brazil, U.S., and Caribbean. In the year of 2001 he moved to San Diego, California where he taught at Twentyman's School of Music from 2001 to 2003. He was also the music columnist for the newspaper Brazilian Pacific Times in 2002. He moved to Los Angeles, California in the year of 2004. In 2008 he became a substitute Drum Instructor at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) in Pasadena, CA. His biggest influence is his father, the great bass player, songwriter and producer Novelli.

Some of the artists/musicians Cristiano has performed with include Peter Sprague, David Foster, Greg Porée, Patrice Rushen, Robert Kyle, Dawn Bishop, Dirk K, Alphonso Johnson, Quartet Equinox, Dorian Holley, Marcellina, Rique Pantoja, Gary Meek, Yeofi, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Keith Jones, Paul Cartwright, Clay Aiken, Mitchell Long, Jimena, Anais, Braziliando, Marco Tulio, Roger Espinoza, Kimera, Calé, Diego Torres, Olga Tañon, Alexandre Pires, Miriam Hernandez, Dom Um Romão, Guilherme Vergueiro, Kátia Moraes, Bill Brendle, Hussain Jiffry, Marta Santamaria, Kleber Jorge, Cassio Duarte, Kenny Goldberg, Jaime Valle, Alan Phillips, Bob Magnusson, Mark Augustin, Peter Pupping, Jay Myerson & Carol Fuller, Hip Graffiti, Glen Fisher Con Alma, Joe Rathburn, Black Mambo, Calvin Romance, Eric Foster, David de Alva, Michael Battista, Calima, Joe Cano, Mario Olivares, Novelli, Milton Nascimento, Carol Saboya, MPB-4, Golden Boys, Miúcha, Roberto Menescal, Nelson Ângelo, Claudette Soares, Paula Morelenbaum, Edu Lobo, Antonio Adolfo, Lucinha Lins, Claudia Telles, Nico Assumpcao, Daniel Gonzaga, Bena Lobo, Kiko Furtado, Disco & Cia, Rafael Greyck, Juliana Chiaro, Jazzn' Samba, and many others.

His recording credits include: Julie Lavender, Robert Kyle, Trey Richards, Calima, Eric Foster, Hip Graffiti, Milton Nascimento, Jazzn' Samba, Ju Chiaro, Daniel Gonzaga, Rafael Greick, Irene Nachreiner, Kamarra Cambo, Danny Avila, Joaquin Torres, Abigail Rockwell, Kátia Moraes, amongst others.

His TV/Video credits include: Globo TV Special Video Clip performing with Brazilian singer/songwriter Milton Nascimento the song "Coração Civil"; KUSI Morning Show in San Diego, CA performing with Mario Olivares in 2002 and Glen Fisher in 2004; 6th Annual LATIN GRAMMY'S Award in Los Angeles performing with Diego Torres, Olga Tañon and Alexandre Pires at The Shrine Auditorium in 2005; Univision (KMEX) performing with Dominican singer Anais in May 2006 and Mexican singer Jimena in October 2006; Local Channel 62 in Los Angeles performing with Anais in May and Jimena in October 2006; UNIVISION (KMEX) performing with Chilean Diva Miriam Hernandez in October 2007; KGEM Studios "Conversations" show performing with Dawn Bishop in December 2007.

Discography as a musician:

"Clube da Esquina 2", Milton Nascimento (1978)

"Cacador de Mim", Milton Nascimento (1981)

"Os Saltimbancos Trapalhoes", Chico Buarque, Bebel Gilberto, Lucinha Lins, Elba Ramalho, etc. (1981)

"Yauarete", Milton Nascimento (1987)

"Txai", Milton Nascimento (1990)

"Questao de Natureza", Rafael Greyck (1997)

"Os Passos na Paralela", Daniel Gonzaga (1998)

"Ju Chiaro", Juliana Chiaro (2000)

"Never Felt The Sun", Julie Lavender (2001)

"Nuevo Paraiso", Calima (2003)

"Hip Graffiti", Jay Myerson & Carol Fuller (2003)

"Jazz'n Samba", Jazz'n Samba (2004)

"Kamarra Cambo", Kamarra Cambo (2006)

"Joaquin Torres", Joaquin Torres (2006)

"Abigail Rockwell", Abigail Rockwell (2007)

"Summer Samba", Irene & Her Latin Jazz band (2007)

"Red, White & Bluezz-The Experience", Diverse Artists (2008)

"Sarah Phoenix", Sarah Phoenix (2008)

"Sheppard", Trey Richards (2008)

"Bossalicious", Robert Kyle (2008)

"A Song Of You", Irene and Her Latin Jazz Band (2009)

"Philip's Wish", Quartet Equinox (2009)

Gear: Yamaha Recording Custom Drums/Yamaha Absolute Birch Custom Drums/DC California Drums/Soultone Cymbals/Fat Congas Cajon/LP, Remo and Brazilian percussion instruments, Shure microphones, and ProTools Equipment.


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