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Corey Foster's musical life began when he was just five years old. He began playing professionally by the age of 16, under the guidance of the late jazz drummer, Dick Berk (Billie Holiday, Cal Jader), and other Portland jazz greats, like Farnell Newton (Bootsy Collins). Foster attended Berklee College of music in 2011, and throughout his studies there, he recorded on several albums, toured the East Coast, and graduated with honors in 2014. In 2015 he began performing with the dub influenced reggae-electronica band, Indubious. Festival after festival, the band's fan-base has grown exponentially. The band is now touring nationally in the reggae, and medicine music scenes, and at festivals such as Shangri-La, Pyro Music Festival, Project Earth, and many more. Indubious is about to release their fifth studio album, Beleaf, with an album-release tour of California in August 2019. Foster teaches 20+ private students per week, clinics at schools, and plays an average of 150+ shows per year as a freelance drummer in Portland, and with Indubious.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
19" Vintage Crash
17" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
22" Natural Crash / Ride
22" Custom Brilliant ride
22" Old K Crash / Ride