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The drummer Claudio Felix , born in 1976 in São Gonçalo / RJ, began playing drums in church around the age of 13, influenced by his brother, who also played in the church, discovering that it was a gift and he wanted to do it for the rest of his life.

From 13 to 19, he had not formally studied only played in church. Age 20, of humble origins, could afford to do drum lessons, studying with drummer Silas Jr. (Sacred Fruit). Then did some lessons with Pascoal Meireles and Kiko Freitas .

But what really motivated him to study drums more seriously was when a friend called Paul Masson, presented to him a video of Dennis Chambers playing in Tribute to Buddy Rich ; and this was a watershed. "Until that moment, I knew that the battery or the drummer could arrive at that technical level, execution level of musicianship ...". So, from that moment on, Cláudio Félix began to study hard, coming to study 10 hours a day.

His major influences
The first influences he had were of Rock drummers because when it started, listened very Rock. Some bands like Guns N 'Roses, Paralamas do Sucesso, The Police; and also being influenced by drummers: John Barone, Serginho Herval and others of this style. Later, had the greatest influence as Dennis Chambers, and drummers, Dave Weckl , Vinnie Collaiuta , Billy Cobhan, among others.

His achievements as a professional musician
At 22 years old, having worked hard to get money to buy his first heat, began living full of music, giving drum lessons and playing at dances in the region.

After much effort and much study, in 2002, Cláudio Félix managed to win one of the biggest and most respected festivals battery Brazil, Batuka! Brazil Drum Festival, participating in the CD Batuka! in 2004, which has holdings of Aquiles Priester , Dave Weckl, Ebel Perrelli, Gledson Meira, Igor Willcox, Marquinhos He did, Paganini, Robby Ameen, Sandro Moreno, Turquinho Son, Valmir Bessa, Vera Figueiredo, Virgil Donati and Yuri Prado. Moreover, at the same time won the Cascavel Jazz Festival.

In the meantime, the band joined the gospel singer, Marquinhos Gomes, where he stayed for seven years and recorded a CD and DVD. Soon after, he began working with one of the greatest gospel singers from Brazil, Aline Barros, which continues today, having recorded two DVDs and a CD.

Battery Cláudio FélixBattery Cláudio Félix
Instrumental works of Claudius Felix
Cláudio Félix has participated in work with: Arthur Maia, Hélio Delmiro, Ney Conceição, Lica Cecato, Richard Bona, Claudio Zoli, Paul Calasans, Abraham Laboriel, Tom Brooks, Michael W. Smith, Gerson Borges, Mariana Valadão among many others.

Recorded two albums of instrumental music, with the Brazilian Dialect Trio and the Sub V group, with whom did some presentations. He is currently engaged in his first solo CD, a highlight of this work is to design the fact they had only compositions bassists.

"Never stop dreaming, never give up your dream, strive as much as possible, because dream is priceless, worthless. So every time, effort and dedication you could put it, will be the best for you, because it is a dream, then you should do it as best as possible, strive to the fullest. "- Cláudio Félix

Today, the drummer is sponsored by Gretsch batteries , Soultone dishes , and the ML Musical Instruments store.

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