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Christer "Heavy" Löfgren

Christer "Heavy" Löfgren


Christer "Heavy" Löfgren is a Swedish drummer who started playing drums at the age of 10.
In 1982-83 he started playing in different bands seriously, but in 1993 he quit completely to work as a sound enginer instead.
For 15 years he ran his own company where he worked with Swedish top musician but also Suzi Quatro & Yngwie J Malmsteen to name a few.
But 2014 in London he made a comeback as a drummer with Voodoo CiTi.
Now he plays with KingsCross that you can follow on soundcloud

My Soultone Set: 

16" Custom Brilliant Crash
22" Explosion Ride
17" Explosion Crash
16" Explosion Crash
10" Explosion Splash
14" Explosion Hi Hat Pair