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Chiu, Kuan-Yuan

Chiu, Kuan-Yuan

AWARD: 2011 CPSY National Popular Music Competition - First Place Band、Best Drummer
2012 CPSY National Popular Music Competition - Drumming College & Society Second Place
I began to properly study drums when I started high school senior. I joined Rock'n Roll Club and joined “Liberation soul” when I was in Chien Hsin Univerusity, I excels at Rock.Playing drums is my favorite thing. I love the entire
Soultone vibe. The cymbals are incredible - from the sound, look and uniqueness. I'm super proud to be part of the Soultone family.

My Soultone Set: 

8’’ Gospel Splash
10’’ Vintage Splash
14’’ Gospel Hi-Hats
17’’ Extreme Crash
18’’ Gospel Crash
20'' Custom Brilliant Ride

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