Chad Vallier

Chad Vallier

Riot City

Chad Vallier is a 28 year old native of Kingston, Ontario, Canada who has had a passion for drumming since his infancy. His first introduction to the drums came when he was 3 years old and at the age of 11 he received his first kit. The drummer had a love for Heavy Metal and hammered out songs by Judas Priest, Guns n Roses, Rush, ACDC and Iron Maiden. At 13 he joined his school band and was placed in the percussion section, he soon lost interest due to its lack of complexity.

During his teenage years his influences expanded to include As I lay Dying, Arch Enemy, and Dream Theater. At the age of 18, after his relocation to Calgary, Alberta, Canada he became a part of "Fall of Eden" his first band. Soon after, he became a member of band titled "Stinger". This 4 member metal band hit the live stage in 2009 and went on to write and record their debut album Manic Depressor. Stinger would complete a cross Canada tour before personal differences caused the band to part ways in September 2011. In November of 2011 Chad engaged in a temporary project that would become known as "Pearl Reckless". This 5 member power metal band quickly gained popularity. In the short time they were together the bands achievements would include winning the R-Clash award for best performance and recording the album they called Penilizer. Pearl Reckless also toured before the lead vocalist relocated to Japan. Chad remains excited about the musical accomplishments the band made in such a short period of time.

Currently, Chad is a full-time member of the hard hitting traditional heavy metal band "Riot City." The band has completed their debut EP, Burn the Night, which will be released on No Remorse Records in the spring of 2017. Following the much anticipated release, Riot City will be embarking on a US tour, and plans to release their first LP in 2018.

Upcoming Shows:
August 28, 2017 Distortion-Calgary Diamond Head w/Riot City
September 23, 2017 Rendezvous-Edmonton Riot City
September 30, 2017 Palomino-Calgary Riot City w/Gatekrashor, Blackrat, Sick Ritual

My Soultone Set: 

21" Extreme Ride
19" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
17" Extreme Crash
17" Extreme China
14" Extreme Hi Hat