Carlos Solorzano

Carlos Solorzano

Sonoran Sol, Blue Note Ritual, Freelance and Composer for Television & Film

Carlos Solorzano is a professional drummer & songwriter from Southern Arizona. He writes original tribal drumming compositions that have been used on various television shows around the world including CSI: Special Victims Unit, America's Top Model, Live With Regis & Kathie Lee as well as shows on the BBC, on MTV/VH1 Networks and E! Entertainment Television. He also has a solo CD of such compositions titled "Desert Drummer" that is available on Amazon. He efforts as a composer have earned him multiple ASCAPLUS Awards as well as a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

He also has a solo drumming act where he adapts world rhythms to the American drum set and through the use of 4-way independence can imitate the sound of a percussion combo. He has performed this act all over Arizona both as a solo performer and in a Master class setting at places such as the world famous Music Instrument Museum, Arizona Black Film Festival AFASA African Festival, Tucson Morning Blend television show, Pima Community College and at nightclubs, city events and other festivals.

He is also the instructor of Percussion at St. Augustine Catholic High School in Tucson, AZ and is planning to post many of his instructional methods on You Tube in the POST /file/ajax/field_gallery/und/form-cmB9Qfvb8o_v2Ic0UttjknEPplq4dIQMjkwrIXbze7I HTTP/1.1
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