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Carlos Faina

All Hallows Eve-The Type O Negative tribute/ Cocaine Cowboys

Carlos Faina is originally from Brooklyn, New York with over 27 years of experience and is currently based out of Austin, Texas. Carlos began his career drumming for various original acts in Houston, Texas in the early 90s and has also been a session drummer and sound engineer for several international bands throughout his musical path.
Carlos began All Hallows Eve - The Type O Negative Tribute Band in 2018 in Houston, Texas with the intent to be the accredited and acknowledged Type O Negative Tribute Band and has been recognized accordingly by thousands of fans around the world. Immensely driven, Carlos strives to maintain the legacy of Type O’ as it’s been his personal dream since the death of Peter Steele.
With influences such as Johnny Kelly, Vinnie Paul Abbott, Neil Peart, John Tempesta and Tommy Aldridge, Carlos’ personal technique has been based on a “keep it simple, stupid” foundation with a touch of swing and jazz.
Along with All Hallows Eve, Carlos is currently working on an original act, Cocaine Cowboys, which involves a more hard, yet groovy, rock tempo.

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