Carlos Cedeño

Carlos Cedeño

Duo los Tres and Diablos Negros

Carlos Cedeño is a recognized drummer in Central America, who was born in La Ceiba, Honduras, in a family of musicians. Since an early age, he was interested in percussion, with only 8 years old he made his first live concert at the Municipal Stadium in his native town with a cover of the famous single Sweet Child of Mine of Guns N Roses, at age 14 he moved to the city of Tegucigalpa embarking on a nonstop musical career being part of bands of all kinds of musical genres. He gained experience in Live music with renowned bands and soloists like Guillermo Anderson and Camilo Korea. He has shared the stage with international bands like Enanitos verdes, La Ley, Vilma Palma e vampiros, Mana, Fobia, Café Tacvba, Alejandra Guzman, Mago de OZ, Luis Salinas, Cumbia Kings, Elefante, Romulo Castro, Pablo Milanes, Ray Barreto and Quiet Riot and he has toured throughout Central America, part of South America, United States and Europe with several artist.

Carlos Cedeño is a professional musician drummer known for his versatility in all genres. In 2013 he obtained a contract with Soultone Cymbals and became the first drummer in Central America to have a contract with this brand, and the first honduran musician in history to get a endorserment with a musical brand.
In the present days he is the official drummer of the first rock band in Honduras, Diablos Negros and Duo Los Tres.

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