Calixto Oviedo Mulens

Calixto Oviedo Mulens

Independent / Professor at CSULA

Calixto Oviedo is a Latin Grammy nominated artist (2000 La Rumba del Siglo) and is endorsed
by DC California Drums, Gon Bop, Innovative Percussion and Soultone Cymbals. Calixto has had the
opportunity to play with numerous internationally known artists including Paquito D'Rivera,
Arturo Sandoval, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chucho Valdes, Danilo Perez and many others with a
career that spans over 38 years.
Calixto Oviedo was born on October 14, 1955 in the Havana Barrio of La Vibora. Calixto’s
earlier musical memories were at the age of two or three, waiting in front of the television, toy
violin in hand, to play along with performances of his favorite band, Orquesta Aragon. It was at
the advanced age of four, however, that it became clear to the young prodigy that his true
calling was to play the drums. The toy violin was discarded in favor of a plastic bucket, several
cans, and a frying pan, all of which he played with drumsticks fashioned from coat hangers.
He joined the conservatory at the age of eight, but by then he was already a formidable player
and started paying with a professional band. He formed his own band at the age of 17 with
various future players of the NG La Banda. He was the drummer with NG La Banda during the period that produced
many of their greatest recordings, including Santa Palabra, Échale Limón, and El Trágico. In the mid-90's, he relocated to
Sweden, during which time he made an excellent Timba recording, "La Recompensa" with his son Yulién, and other key
members of Charanga Habanera. He was also the drummer for the Afro-Cuban All Stars band.
Calixto moved from Stockholm to Lakewood, CO in July of 2013. Since then he has been performing and teaching clinics
at major United States Universities, such as University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), California State University at Los
Angeles (CSULA), and Berklee College of Music.
He has been honored to play at this various festivals around the world: Feria de Cali, Colombia ; Montreaux Jazz Festival,
Paleo Rock Festival, Carnaval in Panamá, Nice jazz Festival, France; Roskilde Festival, Festival de Salsa en Madrid,
Spain; North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands; Antillansefeesten, Belgium; Festival de Salsa en Barcelona, Spain; Umbria
Jazz, Italy; Couleur Café, Belgium; Festival di San Remo, Italy; Riga Ritmi Festival, Latvia; Copenhagen Jazz Festival,
Denmark; Nordischerklang, Germany; Gottingen Jazz Festival, Germany; Red Sea Jazz Festiva, Eilat – Israel; Imatra Big
Band Festival, Finland; Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden; Oslo World Music, Norway; Salsa Festival, Madrid, Spain; Feria del
Pacifico, Peru; Frutas Tropicales, Helsinki – Finland; Molde Jazz Festival, Molde, Norway; Udine jazz –Italy; A Sulle
Bocce –Italy; Montreal Jazz Festival –Canada; Portland Jazz Festival; Sun Festival –Singapore.
As of October 1st, 2014, Calixto became a professor at the California State University at Los
Angeles (CSULA).


Salsa Beyond Percussion VOL

Book II: Calixto Oviedo - Drums & Timbales: Basic Rhythms

Authored by Kevin Moore, Calixto Oviedo is the first artist featured in the manuscript series Beyond Salsa Percussion, the companion to author Kevin Moore's Beyond Salsa Piano series. In this book, Volume II, Calixto Oviedo - Drums and Timbales: Basic Rhythms, covers the wide range of traditional rhythmic styles that he has mastered before embarking on the dramatic innovations for which he later became famous. He plays each rhythm in its traditional form and then shows how it can be adapted to drum-set in a variety of modern situations. 144 pages.

Book III: Calixto Oviedo: Drum and Timbales-Timba Gears

volume 2This tome dissects Oviedo’s style using the “gear” approach –introduced by Kevin Moore in 2004 in the book “The Tomás Cruz Conga Method”. With dozens of carefully transcribed musical examples, the goal of this volume is to help experienced drummers master the new Cuban styles and non-latin drummers, arrangers, listeners and dancers master the intricacies of Cuban music. 176 pages.
Book IV: Calixto Oviedo: Drum and Timbales: NG La Banda 1

Volume IV of this series concentrates on Oviedo’s performances with NG La Banda, one of the most important and pivotal bands in Cuban music history. In this volume, Calixto retraces his own recordings with the band as the book analyzes what he does and why he does it, bar by bar. 148 pages.
Instructional Videos

Beyond Salsa Percussion-Calixto Oviedo-Drums and TimbalesThis DVD combines the video footage from the two volumes above on the style of Calixto Oviedo: Beyond Salsa Percussion, Vols. 2 and 3: Basic Rhythms and Timba Gears.
The EXTRAS menu contains additional raw footage from the original 3-day filming sessions, including a third solo and complete performances of the entire arrangements of four classic songs that Calixto recorded with the seminal Cuban timba band, NG La Banda.

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