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Brian Allison

Brian Allison the "southern
" is from the East Texas area. He grew up listening to a variety of
musical influences, such as: Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and just about every country music artist you can think of.

Brian took music classes all through his school years, but didn’t play with a
stage band until he was an adult. "I’ll never forget that first audition, I was
inside my house practicing when I heard a knock on the door.

The guys said they didn’t need to hear anything else, the job was mine. I was excited beyond

Brian's passion for drums eventually led him to consider this path as a
career...not as a musician, but as a business owner. Brian operated an online
store from 2001-2012, he says, "to support my drum hobby." Today, he is
considered a very highly thought of resource for information about electronic
drums. Brian actually provides several services, such as technical support,
producing "how to" videos and artist relations to electronic drum manufacturer,

Brian says he plays as often as he can, he plays full time with the “Nickel
” band, “The River Band” at Broadmoor United Methodist Church in
Shreveport, Louisiana and fills in with Curb recording artist, Trini Triggs.
Trini describes Brian’s playing as “solid and a great pocket player.”

“Why Soultone?” “I was really looking for something different, something a
little more expressive, something a little more me…that’s when a friend of mine,
fellow artist, DeHaven suggested I check out Soultone,” says Brian.

“They offer a sound and variety unlike any other brand I had ever played or was looking at.”

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant hi hats, 22" Custom Brilliant ride, 16" Custom Brilliant crash, 17" Custom Brilliant crash, 8" Custom Brilliant splash, 10" Custom Brilliant splash