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My name is Brandon Garza aka "Critter" I am a fraternal twin and was born and raised in Idaho Falls Idaho. I've been around music my whole life. From playing on pots and pans to my father Raul Garza who played and toured in a country music band. The first time that I realized that I wanted to play drums was when I was in high school and I saw a guy in the marching band playing a single paradiddle. I asked him if I could give it a shot and I pulled it off. That's when I knew. I wanted to take lessons but I couldn't afford it so I made a deal with a guy who I had worked for. I helped with the painting and cleaning of his house in exchange for a 20 minute drum lesson. He sat down with me for a few minutes and then he told me I was a waste of his time. When I was 18, I borrowed money from my grandmother and bought my first drum set from a pawn shop even though I didn't know how to play or set it up. I have played on that same drum set for over 13yrs and I just upgraded a couple of years ago. I am self taught and I learned by playing on the worship team at my church where I was blessed with a heartbeat for God. I believe with all my heart that this is why I was creatLight45ed. I was meant to do this! This is me to the core and in my soul. I eat, sleep, and breathe drums.

I have been married to my wife since 2002 and we have one son together. My wife and her family has supported and encouraged me throughout my whole career even when I couldn't play.

My family moved to Minnesota in 2010 for a life change and I hooked up with a couple of different churches to play worship. Someone saw me and I ended up auditioning for a Christian rock band, Light45. We had the opportunity to record an EP with Skidd Mills, a Grammy award winning producer, in Nashville, Tennessee. We have had 3 songs hit on the top 20 Christian Rock Billboard charts. We filmed 3 music videos, one in Florida, one in Oregon, and in our barn at my home.

I teach drums from my home and have had an opportunity to give presentations at my son's school.

My dream is to become a full time musician and share the love of Jesus Christ through my talent.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Extreme Crash / Ride
19" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
14" Extreme Hi Hats
19" Extreme China