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Austin "Et Vilia" Pattison

Austin "Et Vilia" Pattison

Born in 1996 into a life of music in Bellingham, WA, Austin "Et Vilia" Pattison finally picked up the sticks at age 12 after being obsessed with drums his whole life prior.

After spending years in band class and drumline learning to read and perform music classically, Austin was approached by a friend starting a band who asked the simple question "Do you know how to play blast beats?"
Since then, Austin has been focused on pushing himself in the realm of extreme metal, with his favorite style being black metal.

Austin discovered Soultone through drummer recommendations, and after seeing an ad for broadening the roster for Soultone, he took a chance and reached out - with the choice to switch to Soultone being one he would never regret.

Austin currently plays in three black metal outfits:
Ex Nihilo
Oath ov Hatred

My Soultone Set: 

13" Extreme Hi Hats
10" Extreme Splash
12" Extreme Splash
16" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
16" Natural China
20" Extreme Mega Bell Ride