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Andy Caceda

Andy Caceda

Andy Caceda was born in Lima, Peru (the city of Callao) in 1976. Andy began listening to
music and practicing drums at age 11. He then started playing in the school band and
participated in band competitions. His first instrument was the drums, but began playing most
Latin percussion instruments. After finishing high school and while attending college, Andy
began playing with local bands, specifically Orquesta Kamari.
In 1999 Andy moved to Washington, DC and increased his knowledge of Latin percussion
instruments. He plunged into the music scene by playing in various big name local bands in the
Washington, DC area. He was taught and took great advice from many talented friends such as
Tito de Gracia, Karl Perazzo, Paoli Mejias, Pablo Chino Nunez, Luisito Quintero, Chago
Martinez, Charlie Sierra, Jorge Gonzales, Pedrito Martinez, Jhair Salas, Hector “Coco” Barez
and many more. Andy is the most sought after percussionists in the Washington, DC area as his
passion for music flows through his blood. Timbales are Andy’s specialty, but he also plays
drums, congas, bongos, batas, cajon and minor percussion.
Andy has accompanied legendary Salsa artists that he grew up listening to as a child such as
Frankie Morales, Jolanda Rivera, Luigui Texidor, Cano Estremera, Frankie Vasquez, Tito
Puente, Jr., Hector Tricoche, Jerry Rivera, Anthony Cruz and David Pabon. Andy also shared
the stage with El Gran Combo, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Spanish Harlem Orquesta, La India, Victor
Manuel, Jose Alberto El Canario, Oscar d’Leon, Raulin Rosendo, Pedrito Martinez and his group
Melena La Rumbera, Meñique El Sonero and Larry Harlow Band.
At the present time Andy is the timbalero for the top Salsa band in Washington, DC, Edwin Ortiz
and Orquesta la Romana. He plays different music genres and is in high demand to play with
additional bands in the Hispanic community along with groups at different cultural events in and
out of the Washington, D.C. area.
Andy is a magnificent percussionist and would like to join the Soultone family to allow him to
apply and expand his experience and knowledge in the music world. Andy’s passion is to
continue increasing his familiarity as a percussionist and looks forward to having the opportunity
to enhance, broaden and share his craft doing what he loves doing best… playing music!

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