Alvaro José Barboza

Alvaro José Barboza

Álvaro José Barbosa was born in Barranquilla (Colombia, South America). Álvaro is a Professional Drummer full of power, spirit, musicality and amazing playing skills.

Performer of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, and Fusion. Barboza has been the Key Element of the birth of a very great new sounds in Colombia. Sicotrópico is the name of the band in wich Barboza could develop a very rich, exotic and innovative rhythm called Salsa Rock. In Sicotropico’s first album you can feel so close to Salsa Rock rhythm and mainly in songs in which Barboza is coauthor:

• El Rio

• Coca Man Tv

• Espuma de Mar

• Algo para Mí

In these songs Barboza shows an extreme musical power, leading the drums to a unique psychic state.

Barboza is also drummer of León Bruno (Alternative Hard Rock Band).

León Bruno is a Legendary Cult Band in the Atlantic Coast Region of Colombia and is acknowledged as a great band in Colombia.

Álvaro has worked with many important artists, like Verónica Orozco with who was in tour for three years and participate in many shows for radio, television and live.

Pianists, Composers and Soloists look first for Álvaro. He has been in many projects like Soundtracks for movies and tv, hundreds of concerts and others. He is very creative and innovative in lyrics and drums and those are some of the reasons that added to his very powerful style, makes Álvaro the first choice of many musical actors.

Very important people in Colombian pop scene had included Barboza’s power in their work team:

• Iván Benavides

• Bernardo Osa

• Ernesto Santos

• Carlos Roldán

• Luisfer Areválo

From colombian folklore (Cumbia, Mapalé, Porro) until the urban contemporary sounds (Jungle, Trip Hop, Hip Hop), Álvaro is a Key Reference in this country.

His first Professional Percussion Studies were guided by Percussion Master Enrique Pla (Irakere of Cuba). Álvaro continued studying with others Percussion Master of international acknowledgement. (from Hungary, Peru, USA and Cuba).

At present, Álvaro participates in different tours as a Session Drummer and is recording a new León Bruno CD Album.

Now, Exclusive Artist of Soultone Cymbals, is a real Good New for his fans. His dynamic range is very open. Álvaro can make real a powerful Heavy Rock Show, but at the time, he can perform a Crystal Clear jazz concert full of color and soul.

Alvaro’s most recent contribution to the Drums+Percussion World is shown in the work of the Collective Audiovisual VCRolab called Mecánica Orgánica, in this, the very rich sounds of the whole colombian topography.

Mecánica Orgánica is a great, may be the most important product of the Etno Rock Genre in Colombia.

The world now have an authentic Percussion Artist that opens his own path with projects full of mysticism , intelligentsia and authenticity sounds.

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