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Alex Tellier

My name is Alex Tellier. I'm in a black metal band and the band is called MURRUM from Norwich CT and we have a split CD coming out on Swampkult records.

I discovered my father's old drum kit in the basement when I was 5 years old and I have been hooked ever since. A lot has happened over my 18 years in my music career and I am proud to announce that I am an endorsed artist for Soultone.

Everything changed in the 5th Grade when I found out about a band called Pantera. An artist named Vinny Paul became my hero and their music taught me a lot about double bass, fast tempos, and grooves. Other influences that have impacted my playing have been Fredrik Andersson from Amon Amarth, Chris Adler from Lamb of God, and Shawn Cameron from Carnifex. Sometimes I enjoy some classic rock and some blues and jazz. By hearing different styles of music I wanted to learn more about every drumming style. In the 7th grade I got taught how to play jazz, rock, and metal from one of the most excellent jazz teachers. He taught me how many different drumming styles there are, but I wanted to take it to the next level so the teaching got more exciting.

My previous cymbals weren't cutting it for me anymore so I started searching for a new sound. A friend of mine, Sam Hang, had recommended Soultone cymbals. I had heard good things about those cymbals from him, but never heard them live. After hearing Sam playing with his Soultones, I was determined to acquire a set. When I received my new cymbals in the mail and the first thing I did was try them out. All I have to say is "WOW"; I was so excited. On my previous cymbals I had to hit hard, but with these I don't have to hit as hard and they sound fantastic. I would like to Thank the Soultone company for letting me join in their Soultone Family, So now I can say that I’m now a official member of Soultone Family.
Alex Tellier is a Silver fox drum sticks endorser.