A.J. Palluck

A.J. Palluck

A.J. Palluck is originally from Southern California but has called Las Vegas his home for the
past 20 years. He grew up on a steady diet of classic rock and funk but has performed live and
recorded over the past 30 years in virtually every genre; most recently with Jeremy Kay, Nick
Mattera and with Dustree Productions. He founded and played in a tribute to U2 called
Vegas U2 for a number of years, playing all the largest venues in Las Vegas with the
incomparable Pavel Sfera- Bono’s Double.
He likes his Soultone cymbals for their tone and their durability. You will too.

Check out: NickMatteraMusic.com, JeremyKay.com, Facebook.com/VegasU2, DustreeProductions.com

My Soultone Set: 

22" Custom Brilliant RA ride
19" Custom Brilliant RA crash
18" Custom Brilliant RA crash
16" FXO 12
13" Gospel Hi Hats

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