Adam Pawlukiewicz

Adam Pawlukiewicz

Born in Rochester, NY and raised in many places in the US, Adam Pawlukiewicz, was always attracted to music that had a stronger drum sound. Bands like Fugazi, Circle Jerks, Faith No More, Scream, and Nirvana fed Adams appetite for music. Adam's obsession with music grew over the years in turn made Adam begin tapping and banging on pretty much everything that was around. “I just remember driving my 5th grade teacher crazy with my tapping in class all day”. At the age of 12 his cousin Andy who was the drummer for NYC Hardcore band “Supertouch” got him his first drum kit. From there Adam never stopped playing and honed his skills. Over the years Adam has been in many original punk rock bands. He has played and toured with Havoc Suns, Serious, and is currently in the band Clockmen.

SJC Custom Drums:

10x12 Green Sparkle

16x16 Green Sparkle

20x22 Green Sparkle

6.5 x 14 Custom MING Snare

Adam Officially Endorses: Soultone Cymbals, and Silverfox 5B WT Drumsticks.