Aaron Copenhaguen

Aaron Copenhaguen

It's not about you... It's all about the Music..."
Originally from Argentina, graduated from "LA Music Academy" (Drums/Percussion) and "S.A.E. LA Institute of Technology" (Recording Audio Engineer), with over 10 years of experience playing, recording and producing music for different Artists on different styles like Pop, Latin, Rock, Gospel, R&B... On the studio or Live... everything is about groove and make people feel the message...
Aaron is currently playing with KIMERA, RICO ESPINOZA, AQQUARELA, LA SANTA MARIA and also as Independent artist in the Los Angeles music scene and proudly endorses SOULTONE cymbals.
..."Playing in the studio, big stages or small venues, SOULTONE Cymbals always give me the sound that Im looking for"...

Aaron Copenhaguen

Check out Aaron's latest video at Soultone Cymbals studio:

My Soultone Set: 

20" Vintage Old School 1964 Flat Ride
20" Custom Series Ride
19" Custom Series Crash
17" Custom Series Crash
15" Custom Series Crash
13" Custom Series HH
12" Prototype Splash
10" Prototype Splash