Robert F. Rodriguez now Endorsing TreeHouse Drums! |

Robert F. Rodriguez now Endorsing TreeHouse Drums!

Robert F. Rodriguez is proud to announce that he is now officially endorsing TreeHouse Drums out of Topeka, KS!

"TreeHouse Drums are amazing! Each kit has it's own unique sound similar to a vintage kit. My kit is a Compact Nesting Kit which can literally fit in one case! Even better is that the kit is so powerful that I can play R&B, Funk, Jazz and even Metal gigs with it!"

You can check out these kits here:

History of TreeHouse Drums:

Founded by Derek Sharp (D#), TreeHouse Custom Drums has been producing world-class professional instruments straight out of the Drumgeon in Topeka, Kansas since 2000. Derek came up with the name TreeHouse from a couple of life stories. A fellow who had built drums before helped Derek with some ideas to get started and suggested we plant a tree for every drumset produced (which is a GREAT idea--replant trees that houses are made of--but then we saw how much planting trees costs and decided to keep the prices down by letting you do that yourself!). Next, Derek has a great story about building a treehouse for the cute girl across the street when they were kids; now married for 25+ years, their kids still play in the treehouse in their back yard.

Part of the secret of TreeHouse Drums' solid growth has been patience and attention to detail. Instead of taking out a huge bank loan and feeling the pressure of immediate return and growth, Derek was willing to start small and grow very slowly. With very little overhead from being housed in the workshop of an existing music store, TreeHouse doesn't face East Coast or West Coast costs of living, Pushy Bank Loan Officers, smarmy business partners, or high pressure to deliver huge quantities of products to chain stores. Overhead is kept low by TreeHouse Custom Drums being sold through that existing music store, Supersonic Music, without having to pay for drivers, warehouses, HR folks, traveling sales staff, expensive print ads, etc. In fact, the most common form of promotion TreeHouse does is through sponsoring area jazz festivals and camps at universities where kids come from all over the country and get to play the drums in person.

Now in most US states and several countries on 5 continents around the world, TreeHouse Custom Drums has developed into a stable and consistent supplier of hand-made drums. From touring Broadway drummers to students, colleges to Renaissance Festival performers, decorators to churches, TreeHouse drums show up in lots of places! You can always tell it's a real TreeHouse by looking in the drum to see that drum's unique serial number and Derek's signature which includes the "D#." This has nothing to do with tuning the drum--it's part of his name. Those serial numbers refer to a database of every TreeHouse ever made so we can look back to see (and in nearly every case match!) color recipes, hardware options, finish details, etc.

The future is bright for TreeHouse with the advent of several exciting new products in the last couple of years. Props to Jason! Jason Degenhardt has worked with Derek to make TreeHouse Drums since 2010 and has brought lots of fresh ideas with him including Concert Tom Sets, Concert Bass Toms, Field Snares and more inspirational goodness flow from his ensemble and pit work background. Other recent developments include Tupans, Practice Tenors, Cocktail Kits and our take on Brazillian Surdos. Our most successful drums to date are the new Compact Nesting Kits which put a great-sounding 4- or 5-piece drumset on stage with only one trip from your trunk (or the subway, or taxi...)

So whether it's multi-plied North American Maple or African Mahogany/American Poplar shells you want, stave construction and one-ply solid hardwood snares and drumsets you're after, custom art or something unique that you seek, TreeHouse is where you want to play!

Don't let "Custom" scare you into thinking “Expensive.” Now you have an affordable choice for quality drums with TreeHouse Custom Drums! You will enjoy discussing, in detail, the features you want on your new TreeHouse Drums--Contact Derek, TreeHouse owner and builder. The options are nearly endless and always affordable.