Now endorsing Sweet Spot Clutches! |

Now endorsing Sweet Spot Clutches!

I'm very proud to announce that I am now endorsing Sweet Spot Clutches in addition to Soultone Cymbals, Risen Drums and Scorpion Stix.

This by the far the best clutch I have ever used for a number of reasons!

1. The clutch stays on the Hi-Hat once it has been tightened.
The thumb screw holds on to the rod like no other clutch. I literally have not had to worry about adjusting my Hi-Hat during gigs since it came in.

2. There is no delay when you hit the foot pedal.
This clutch has a special body that tightens far better than any other clutch that I have ever used.

3. Not only does it connect well with the Hi-Hat rod but it also takes it easy on the cymbals.
Most clutches can damage the cymbal due to the lack of a proper felt. This is not an issue as this clutch has a wear sleeve protecting the cymbal.

4. By far one of the coolest looking Clutches I have ever seen.
You can pick it up in different colors, have a castle design, anything you want.

Be sure to pick this up drummers! It's not only a great looking clutch but one of the best I have ever used.