FORGOTTEN BY FRIDAY to record 2nd album, w/ Kickstarter Campaign |

FORGOTTEN BY FRIDAY to record 2nd album, w/ Kickstarter Campaign

My band, Forgotten by Friday, has started a kickstarter campaign to help us raise funds so that we may record our 2nd album and promote it nation wide. Our deadline (March 20th) is fast approaching and we still need a ton of your support. You can pre-order our 2nd CD "Whiskey and Song" for a mere $10 pledge and believe you'll enjoy every track on it.
Just to address a question that was posed to me the other day and so that it is crystal clear as to why we're engaging in even doing a kickstarter and why not just pay for the album ourselves. My answer to this is two-fold and very simply this: Reason #1 is while we can scrimp and save our pennies to put toward the cost of this album (which we'll be doing by the way, but are in need of a little help, hence the kickstarter), we'd much rather prefer to have our families, friends, and fans be a part of the overall process; which in turn will make it a much more satisfying, and memorable experience for all involved. Reason #2 is that a majority of the gigs that we do as a band are benefit shows for worthy causes such as The Wounded Warrior Project, The Swim for the Sound Cancer Benefit, the Relay for Life Cancer Walk Benefit, the Animal Rescue Benefit, The Poker Run for the Humane Society, etc, as well as personal benefit shows for individuals in need (i.e. those that are in need of help paying for their medical bills, or those that have lost a loved one and need assistance in helping to defray the cost of burial expenses, etc), so therefore as a band we do not make very much money at all (as cover bands do in CT) to help pay for such things as putting out an album (which isn't an inexpensive thing to do). We enjoy giving back and helping our fellow man, and are just asking for a little help in return.
I would also like to add that of course you'd be getting what we consider to be our finest work to date and would be a part of this journey with us, but also with the more you are able to pledge you have the chance for some very special opportunities which are basically a once in a lifetime thing, such as getting 5 one hour musical instruction sessions with the band member of your choice, or getting to spend an entire day in the studio with us to see how things all come together and hearing/seeing those magical moments that always seem to pop up unexpectedly while in the studio and then getting to have dinner with all of us afterward to just hang and talk about anything you'd like to regarding your experience that day or whatever comes to mind.
So we ask that you please take a moment to give of the two most precious things you have, your time and a bit of your hard earned cash to support our endeavor and become a part of this very special, once in a lifetime opportunity with us. We'd like to thank you in advance for your support, love, and consideration and we look forward to entertaining you in the very near future.

Sincerely and humbly yours,

Forgotten by Friday