August 2014 Update |

August 2014 Update

For starters, I recently completed the ASCAP Film Scoring workshop with Richard Bellis. What an unbelievable experience. I have been fortunate to spend the last year and half recording my scores here in town with union orchestras, but this one was extra special. The workshop culminated with a scoring session at the Newman Scoring Stage on the Fox lot with a 61 piece orchestra. This session was engineered by the legendary Armin Steiner. My assignment was to re-score a scene from "How To Train Your Dragon". Here is the link to view the clip. The music is mixed in with the sound FX and dialogue.

This past May, I was the Associate Producer of Music for the Television Academy's concert "Score!" Mark Watters brought me in as one of the original 6 team members for the concert, where I had the pleasure of working under Mark Watters, Michael Levine, Lucas Cantor and Spike Jones, Jr from December 2013 until the concert on May 21, 2014. Mark arranged a wonderful medley to open the concert, featuring 24 of today's hottest TV themes, of which I was one of the co-orchestrators. The concert itself featured the music of John Lunn, Bear McCreary, Sean Callery, Mark Snow, Jimmy Levine, and many more.

In February, I held a demo session at the Eastwood Scoring Stage on the Warner Bros lot to record a 4 and a half minute original composition of mine entitled "Voodoo". For this session, I conducted an 84 piece orchestra. Then last month, I found out that I received my 3rd Global Music Award for "Composition" for Voodoo. Linda Rapka, from Local 47 musician's union, featured an article on me in the monthly newsletter for the musician's union, The Overture. Here is the link to Voodoo, recorded and mixed by Bobby Fernandez.

And finally, I have released my short big band score to the mobile game "ZombieSC" on iTunes for purchase. This was an augmented reality zombie game for the iPhone. In order to create the quirky elements and make it funny, I wrote and recorded a big band score, and hired The Late Night Jazz Orchestra to perform it. We recorded the 19 piece big band at Martinsound Studios with Dan Blessinger engineering and mixing. This score was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award, and also won me my first Global Music Award in Composition. I have submitted the battle cue from ZombieSC, entitled "Fried Chicken Food Baby", for Grammy consideration. This is a three-and-a-half minute big band battle cue. The category submitted for is "Best Instrumental (non-classical) Composition". Below is the link to purchase the soundtrack (for $1.98) in iTunes. But I am also including the sound cloud link to listen to just the battle track.